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Arnaud Behzadi

Born in Tehran in 1974, Arnaud Behzadi moved to Paris at the age of 11. From an early age, the future architect was fascinated by materials, the different possible junctions between elements and atmospheres; he projected himself into construction, and fell in love with volumes, whether they were large or small, simple or tortuous. After attending business school and art history courses, he sees his life “plan” more clearly... He joined the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture (ESA), where he graduated with honours, before joining various architectural offices to cultivate his line and refine his art!


After a few years in the service of a world-renowned architect, where projects follow one another without ever being the same in France and internationally, Arnaud begins his solo career, and co-founds the Artefak agency in February 2016. It was there that the architect added a new angle to his report, that of the luxury hotel industry. In five years, he signed five major projects and became one of the leading figures in the luxury hotel industry.

Arnaud Behzadi ambitiously designs and develops projects that are as varied in their programme as in their spirit. According to Arnaud Behzadi, architecture is never simply drawn on a blank page, but is born from a multiplicity of analyses, reflections, conceptions and imagination; like so many layers crystallising into a conceptual project in constant dialogue with its context. The common denominator of these projects? He would answer: “The absence of a common denominator. Each project has its own history, its own DNA, its own resonance; and it is precisely this that guides me throughout the design and construction of the project. It is an invisible dimension that is difficult to describe. According to Arnaud, “architecture must provoke emotions, establish a relationship between each individual and the atmospheres they pass through, deliver to each eye a new expression of space, light and materiality, and reveal in us that invisible part that exists in each space...”. Beauty “is only a question of taste”.


The studio has a staff of more than 30 architects with a real expertise in hospitality Arnaud Behzadi Architectures is expanding to set up a new office in Dubai with the ambition to realize restaurant and hotel projects.

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